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Take a look around at the institutions in your life. It seems like from government to Silicon Valley, from star-studded Hollywood to the media on your every device, there’s a slow but steady push for equality of outcome over equality of opportunity, a prioritization of feelings over facts, and a general humorlessness from those telling us what to think instead of how to think.

But what started this creeping cultural Marxism? What do most of the thought leaders behind these institutions have in common? If you answered university, you’ve done your homework.

The ivory tower has long been a place of left-wing bias. But the 12-to-1 left-wing to right-wing professor ratio hasn’t just spawned a lopsided curriculum. It’s instead created an intolerance for opposing points of view that manifests in lies, censorship and at its most extreme, violence. Attitudes and systems cultivated in academia have a long history of seeping into the world outside. But this intolerance seems a bit more insidious than the ingenious strides in STEM and literature of years past. Do we dare let the wound fester and spread?

Not on my watch.

It’s time to shine a light on the cowardly tactics of those who can’t win wars with words. It’s time to expose the assassins of truth who brand Israel responsible for ISIS and all frat boys as rapists. It’s time to bring justice to the Antifa hordes terrorizing those who dare commit wrongthink. It’s time. For a Campus Unmasked.

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Columbia University

‘Academic Freedom Week’ Hosts Only Leftists



Columbia University’s Apartheid Divest is hosting an academic freedom week, inviting a slew of left-wing academics, reported Campus Reform.

On Monday, Columbia students will be treated to a panel called “On the Palestine Exception,” featuring Rutgers professor Jasbir Puar, who argues that Israel harvests Palestinian organs, UCLA professor Gil Hochberg, who thinks the “militarized gaze” of Israeli soldiers is a “tool of dominance,” and Columbia’s own Joseph Massad, who has redefined anti-Semitism to also include hatred of Muslims. Yay! Diversity of opinion!

And it gets even better with Tuesday’s “White Supremacy in Academia.” Get out your pen and paper for some insightful comments from Trinity College professor Johnny E. Williams, who called whites “inhuman assholes,” using the hashtag #LetThemFuckingDie.

But if there’s a VIP of the VIPs, it’s gotta be George Ciccariello-Maher, the professor who tweeted “all I want for Christmas is white genocide” and said the Las Vegas massacre “is what happens” when white people “don’t get what they want.” Ciccariello-Maher will be paneling Wednesday’s “Academic Antifascism” panel because he is, of course, also a big fan of the men in black. Now there can only be one winner, but his fellow panelist San Diego State University prof “Ozzie” Monge deserves a shout-out for threatening to lower a white student’s grade when she dared disagree with him over the school’s Aztec mascot.

What’s really fascinating about this Columbia event is that while the pro-Palestinian student sponsors say universities have attacked and silenced these speakers, almost none of them actually were. Drexel put Ciccariello-Maher on leave and then made him teach classes remotely for security reasons until the professor chose to resign and San Diego State kicked Monge out of the classroom, but only after the California DOJ found him guilty of racial retaliation, but that seems to be it. If you want to host a real academic freedom event, Columbia, maybe you should invite fewer lefties who are a little too edgy for the in-group and more conservatives who have no hope of making it into the group to begin with.

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This School Official Loves Farrakhan



Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has said “the Jews don’t like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler. Well, that’s a good name. Hitler was a very great man.” This week, Democrats came under fire for their connections to the minister, but you’d think at least school would be a safe haven from Farrakhan supporters, right?

Well, Chris Blanks volunteers at and sits on the discipline committee of Waukegan Public School District in Illinois, reported The Daily Caller News FoundationBlanks is a huge supporter of Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. Here he is with the minister and last week he said “love, life and liberation to the honorable Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.” Then he said that a parent and teacher advocacy group that criticized him knows “absolutely nothing about this man they claim is a hater.” 

Now, Farrakhan isn’t just a fan of Hitler. The minister thinks Hezbollah terrorists are freedom fighters. He’s informed us that “white people are potential humans — they haven’t evolved yet.” Farrakhan also mentioned “The Mother Wheel is a heavily armed spaceship the size of a city, which will rain destruction upon white America but save those who embrace the Nation of Islam.”

Even the Southern Poverty Law Center, which typically focuses only on right-wing extremism, has an entry for the Nation of Islam, saying the group’s “theology of innate black superiority over whites and the deeply racist, antisemitic and anti-LGBT rhetoric of its leaders have earned the NOI a prominent position in the ranks of organized hate.”

A search for “Christopher Blanks” in the Lake County, Illinois court system returns around 50 results for traffic violations, domestic battery, and controlled substance felonies. And yet this is the dude Waukegan public schools has sitting on its discipline committee deciding how children are punished. Pretty strange.

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Antifa Teacher Ordered To Pay Thousands In Damages



Remember Yvette Felarca, the Antifa middle school teacher who, despite her own small stature, seems to think might makes right? You know, the one who tries to recruit her middle school students for protests and who’s had four different criminal cases levied against her? Well, she now has a reason to obey the law…an $11,000 reason, to be precise.

The Superior Court of Alameda County ordered Felarca to pay $11,000 for the attorney fees of Troy Worden, the former president of UC Berkeley’s College Republicans, reported The Daily Caller News Foundation. Felarca had previously filed for a restraining order against Worden but dropped the case before its completion.

Commissioner Thomas Rasch of the court said Felarca had not filed for the order “in good faith,” according to Campus Reform. Meanwhile, Harmeet Dhillon of Dhillon Law, the firm representing Worden, said “This marks the second time in two months that Felarca and her lawyers have been ordered by an area court to pay the attorney fees of their opponents for filing legally and factually unsupported claims in court. True victims of harassment/stalking/assault need the courts to be available to them as a priority, not clogged with fabricated claims pursued in bad faith.”

Meanwhile, Felarca’s attorney, Shanta Driver, said that the commissioner’s decision “says to every woman out there that if you file for a restraining order, and don’t pursue the case, you are subject to these court fees. We can’t have this message given to women, especially now when there are the beginnings of a period where women feel they can go forward against men harassing them, stalking them, using their power over women,” reported My San Antonio.

Right, but how many of those harassed women punched innocent people and defended a riot costing $100,000 as a reasonable response to a controversial speaker.

Let’s not forget that Felarca, who teaches at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, transported students to protests with permission from parents who did not have a firm grasp on English and “did not fully understand that this was not a school approved trip” or that there would be danger, as reported TheBlazeLet’s not forget that Felarca’s own principal banned her from taking students to another Berkeley rally, saying “it was an opportunity for [Felarca] to indoctrinate students and use them to support [her] own political agenda.” But let’s also not forget that justice typically does get served, particularly if you’re representing a group the US government has finally outright labeled “domestic terrorists.”

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