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Despicable Anti-Israel Professor Receives Pay While on Suspension

Despicable Anti-Israel Professor Receives Pay While on Suspension

Professor Anthony Hall, of University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, has an extensive history of anti-Semitic extremism. For instance, he’s espoused deranged conspiracy theories like saying that the September 11 attacks were an Israeli “false flag” operation and that France has propped up the terrorist group ISIS, which, according to Hall, is apparently not even Islamic! Even worse, Hall is a Holocaust denier.

A disturbing post on Hall’s Facebook profile also spurred an investigation with the Lethrbridge Police. While the post has since been deleted, according to the CBC, it featured an image of an Orthodox Jew being assaulted, and was accompanied by a hate-filled chant calling for the extermination of the Jewish people.

For reference, the 1990 Canadian Supreme Court case — R v Keegstra — upholds the criminal code provision prohibiting the promotion of hatred and incitement against groups under the banner of free speech.

Ultimately, however, while Lethbridge suspended the bigoted professor without pay, an article this year shows that Hall’s salary has been reinstated for the duration of his indefinite suspension. To top it off, Hall is a regular contributor to the Iranian propaganda organ, Press TV.


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