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Harvard Employs Former PLO Spokesperson

Harvard Employs Former PLO Spokesperson

The world’s top university, Harvard, employs a former Palestinian Liberation Organization spokeswoman as an instructor at its extension school. The PLO, deemed a terrorist group by the United States, was infamously led by Yasser Arafat. Diana Buttu teaches international human rights law and negotiation, and organizational conflict resolution – yet, she herself opposes the Two State Solution between Israel and the Palestinians. She has referred to the terrorist organization Hamas as victims and has compared Israeli policies to Jim Crowe and apartheid. Upon his death, she even called Nobel Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres a war criminal.  She has even claimed that Israel is committing ethnic cleansing against Palestinians. It is likely Buttu brings these views into the classroom given the subjective nature of her course material. While Harvard may have the right to employ Buttu, it’s important the public be made aware of instructors who espouse such egregious views on the Jewish State.

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