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Virginia Tech Instructor Applauds White Supremacy, Identifying Jews With Stars



Most of the people you hear branded “white supremacist” would vehemently disagree with the term…but not one English graduate instructor at Virginia Tech.

In a Facebook post, Mark Daniel Neuhoff stated that he is a white supremacist, explaining that he believes “that culture comes from race, that America is culturally Western, and that Western culture comes from whites/Europeans.” He states that “it is crucial that if we want America to remain a Western country, its leaders and culture producers remain whites … categorically, no other race can do it.”

In another post, the graduate teaching assistant stated that “it is physically impossible that Zyklon-B gas was employed as a killing agent in the alleged gas chamber.” He also thinks that if Jews were to be physically identified once again, “blacks would be able to spot their true oppressor and much of the racial conflict between [blacks and whites] would end.”

A petition to remove Neuhoff from his position at Virginia Tech has garnered over 4,000 signatures, but Virginia Tech has not yet fired the graduate instructor.

“Virginia Tech is not able to comment on this matter (and the people you identify) in accordance with federal privacy laws,” said Mark Owczarski in an email to Campus Unmasked. He went on to say that the school embraces free speech, but that if such speech “becomes threatening or hate speech,” the school will investigate and potentially “take action to protect those affected and address the harmful behavior.”

Neuhoff has decided not to teach classes during the spring 2018 semester, telling The Washington Post that he’s “tired of the hateful mob that wants to crucify people.”

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