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Harvard Scholar Compares Israel to ISIS, Suggests Palestinian Kids Get ‘Shot’ Simply for Going to School 

A Harvard scholar seems to have a tenuous relationship with the truth, comparing Israel to ISIS and suggesting Palestinian kids get shot simply for living and going to school. 

Rami Khouri is a Middle East Initiative senior fellow for Harvard’s Belfer Center. He has suggested that South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham “paying allegiance to Israel mirrors Islamist radicals paying allegiance to ISIS.” 

He also said “in the eyes of Zionism, Palestinian kids are VERY provocative, simply by living & going to school in Palestine; so they get shot.” Israelis shoot Palestinian kids just for living and going to school? Furthermore, the scholar neglected to mention that Palestinian parents sometimes encourage their kids to throw rocks at Israeli soldiers. 

Khouri has also made conflicting statements about Israel’s legitimacy, saying it’s important to distinguish between pre-1967 and post-1967 Israel just three days after saying “Israeli colonialists” had seven decades of US support. So which is it? Israel was legitimate pre-1967 or never legitimate  — which Khouri insinuates when he states that Israelis have been colonizers since the Jewish State’s founding in 1948.

Not surprisingly, the scholar also has very strong opinions about how President Trump vowed to eradicate terrorism. He thinks Trump is pandering to “Islamophobes” and “racists” with his focus on terrorism. 

Campus Unmasked reached out to Khouri for comment, but received none in time for press. But we understand; formulating propaganda is very time-consuming work.  

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