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Genocide, Land Loss, This Prof Can’t Stop Lying About Israel

A Western Washington University professor has whitewashed terror, deceived children, and accused America and Israel of genocide.

According to the professor, Nada Elia, decreasing school funding and policing is apparently “genocide,” particularly when you decontextualize those actions and present them as unsolicited attacks by Israel on freedom instead of reactions to Palestinian aggression. She has also accused Israel of ethnic cleansing.

Elia’s areas of expertise include many of the typical “critical theory” fields like gender studies, global cultural studies with a focus on protest narratives and music, and ethnic American studies, with a focus on Arab-American and African American studies.

The professor not only indoctrinates college kids. She even shared with middle-schoolers a widely discredited map entitled “Palestinian loss of land,” which claims to show that Palestinians went from controlling almost all of the land of Israel to almost nothing. But it turns out even MSNBC apologized for airing a similar version of the grossly misleading map.

When writing about how Israel had imprisoned 12-year-old Dima al-Wawi, Elia implied that it was because the girl was Palestinian, neglecting to mention that she had attempted to stab a security guard. Al-Wawi said she “was dreaming that [she] was going to be martyred,” according to The New York Times.

The professor has also shown that she does not want to pursue a diplomatic peace process. Concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, she stated that “there is no equivalency, no equal footing, no ‘we need to hear from both sides.’” She also scolded a journal for publishing articles opposing the Israel boycott movement after that same journal published articles supporting the boycott. The name of this journal? Journal of Academic Freedom.

Would you trust a professor who refers to herself as a “scholar-activist”? It’s a bit like calling yourself a conservative liberal or a vegan carnivore and it’s all further evidence that academia has become cluttered with people telling you not how to think, but rather what to think.

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