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Just How Bad Is it to Be a Cop on Campus?

Police officers have been deemed public enemy #1 to a public besieged with police brutality propaganda. But college and university cops have to deal not only with personal smears, but also stand-down orders, weapon-bans, and even suggested limitations on their bathroom use.

Yes, bathroom “suggestions.” Last week, Brooklyn College told NYPD officers that while they were free to use the college’s restrooms, it would prefer that they use restrooms located in the school’s West End Building, “rather than walking across either quad to use the bathroom,” according to the New York Post.

Well that restroom’s toilet was broken and its seat smeared with stains. The Post also found no soap or paper towels there and a student claimed that two out of three of the restroom’s sinks are broken.

The Brooklyn College student body president attributes the students’ bad feelings to an NYPD operation on the campus a few years back to root out Islamic terrorists. One New York police officer called the students “insane” and said “protester culture is warping their f-ing minds.” Another said “it’s not like we’re invading their campus…we’re only going there to use the bathroom.”

But if the bathroom edict weren’t insulting enough, consider how Berkeley police were given a stand-down order, barring them from stopping violence between Trump supporters and Antifa during multiple incidents in 2017. Policies preventing the police from stopping violence before a life-threatening incident caused Ann Coulter to cancel her speech in April. But even when they can intervene, some college police departments might find themselves unprepared to do so. Stacy Brown, former police chief of The Evergreen State College, the site of a massive, viral riot in May 2017, resigned, stating that the school denied her department the rifles needed to carry out the job.

Now, to be fair, UC Berkeley did let its police arrest violent protesters during Ben Shapiro’s September speech at the university. But a cultural shift is still needed so that police aren’t actively prevented or even restrain themselves from doing their jobs for fear of being branded a bigot or intimidating in some other perceived way.

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