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Linda Sarsour Appears on Anti-Semitism Panel… As Speaker, Not Case Study


Muslim-American activist Linda Sarsour, who has supported terrorists, was featured on a university panel on anti-Semitism Tuesday…but as a speaker, not a case study. The rest of the panel consisted of fellow left-wing activists.

This anti-Semitism panel reportedly touched a bit on legitimate bigotry like the “Jews will not replace us” chant at the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally, but spent a great deal of time discussing the “intersectionality” of oppressions and how being anti-Israel isn’t anti-Semitic.  Sarsour and her fellow panelists spoke at The New School in New York. 

Sarsour has called for solidarity with Muhammad Allan, who recruited suicide bombers for Islamic Jihad, and here she is hugging a convicted terrorist who murdered two innocent Jewish people.

Oh, and Sarsour just happens to be married to a guy who mourned the deaths of two Hamas terrorists.

Sarsour supports the anti-Israel Boycott, Divest, Sanction movement There’s a BDS-supporting group, typically Students for Justice in Palestine on tons of American campuses. It’s not hypocritical at all for someone opposed to discrimination to discriminate against an entire nationality! And the fact that Students for Justice in Palestine is funded by people who also donated $12.4 million to Hamas…well, that must be just a coincidence!

At the panel, Sarsour suggested Muslim Minister Louis Farrakhan wasn’t a threat to Jews. You know, the same Farrakhan who said “Hitler was a very great man” and calls terrorists “freedom fighters.”

The panel is not especially surprising when you read a bit about “The New School,” which helps nurture progressive minds.”

“The history of the Arab world’s fight against Israel, and its championing of the Palestinian cause, has its roots in an anti-Jewish ideology. Left-wing activists – particularly on University campuses – have tried to portray the Palestinian cause as a revolutionary fight against colonialism,” said Alex VanNess, former Middle East analyst at the Center for Security Policy, in an email to Campus Unmasked. “In doing so, countless hours and money have been spent on a public relations campaign to divorce the idea that these abhorrent ideas and organizations are in fact anti-Jewish in nature.”

Now, Linda Sarsour has every right to speak at colleges, but someone who lauds and supports people and campaigns connected to terrorism, and who routinely spreads mistruths about the Jewish State, may not be the best choice to appear on a panel about anti-Semitism. Campus Unmasked reached out to the self-described progressive “New” School to ask if they hosted conservative voices but didn’t hear back. Perhaps they’re on vacation; we hear the echo chamber’s lovely this time of year.

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