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Student Article Questioning Gender Identity Replaced By One Saying It’s ‘Not A Debate’


The Rolling Stone rape hoax, CNN’s stalking and threatening of a Reddit memester, and Washington Post’s wanton use of “far-right” but almost never “far-left.” Mainstream media bias is everywhere. Is there a similar trend for college papers?

Caleb Scargall, a student at St. Francis Xavier University, was a senior reporter for The Xaverian Weekly campus paper, but quit when his paper not only removed but also replaced his piece questioning gender studies and the ever-expanding number of gender identities with a piece entitled “gender identity: not a debate.”

Scargall’s original unpublished story, which he shared with Campus Unmasked, aimed to address gender identity “intellectually without political connotations.”

In the piece, the student asked “is discovering a new unique gender like discovering a new element? If the solution is to add that person’s personal identity to the list of genders then theoretically there is no limit to the amount of genders that can be “realized’ or invented. And if there is no limit, and people can be anything from an indeterminate and possibly infinite amount of genders, then the concept of gender itself means nothing.”

Scargall noted that the modern conception of gender sounded like a Freudian diagnosis and said that he has “yet to receive a rebuttal other than ‘educate yourself,’ which is the equivalent to ‘I know the answers, but I won’t tell you.'”

The unnamed editor whose piece replaced Scargall’s claims that “gender identity has nothing to do with your anatomy,” which suggests that individuals with penises are equally as likely as those with vaginas to feel masculine or feminine. The editor notes that “though it is true that a biology professor and a sociology professor would have very different takes on the topic, it is not really a debate in my opinion.”

She tells people who don’t want to say the “they” gender pronoun to “grow up.” But it’s not just “they,” it’s “aer,” “per,” “vis,” “xe,” “xir,” “hir”…where does it end?

“I have never worked for an institution with such a lack of integrity,”  Scargall told Campus Unmasked. “The newspaper is supposed to be the beacon of free speech on campus but it has turned into a liberal propaganda machine. I was the only relatively conservative writer at the newspaper. I could not sit there and take that amount of disrespect so I quit.”

The student’s case is reminiscent to that of Andy Ngo, a Portland State University student who got fired from his student newspaper after tweeting out a video of a Muslim student confessing his religion murdered nonbelievers. You don’t have to lie, you don’t even have to be inflammatory, folks. The truth itself and even just questioning progressive orthodoxy is dangerous these days.

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