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Student Leader Insists Tuition Money Is Helping Israel ‘Kill Children’

Nour Alideeb, chairwoman of Ontario’s Canadian Federation of Students, alleges — with of course zero evidence — that Israel is using Canadian students’ tuition money to slaughter children like her. First of all, despite her tendency to misrepresent and make hollow appeals to emotion, Alideeb is, believe it or not, a grown woman, not a child. Second, the sad truth is, the Palestinian youth Alideeb references are kids who were carrying out knife attacks against Israeli officials or civilians.

But the Canadian Federation of Students doesn’t only want to spread propaganda about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Noooo. Like all left-wing activists, Alideeb wants to use your money to tell you that if you hold a different opinion than her, you’re also racist.

But the Canadian Federation of Students sounds pretty legitimate, right? Well, as with all student unions, the CFS doesn’t seem to be very popular among the very people it aims to represent. You see, the Federation demands that smaller student unions pay membership dues even after the smaller unions vote to leave the Federation. In 2008, 92% of Cape Breton University students voted to leave the Federation. CFS declared the vote invalid and then sued the students when they stopped paying membership fees. The Federation tried a similar tactic with Concordia University, claiming the students owed $1.8 million when they too tried leaving the organization. And those are only 2 out of over 10 scandals listed by Wikipedia, which tends to sanitize entries that reflect poorly on leftists. Looks like these canucks could learn a bit from “no taxation without representation.”

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