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College Paper: White DNA Is ‘An Abomination’

“Your DNA is an abomination! White is over!” This article wasn’t written by some Californian hipster. No, this article was written in the middle of Texas, the heartland of freedom, Second Amendment advocacy — pretty much everything good about America. It was, however, written by a college student who hasn’t expressed any regret and is now being endorsed by a campus Antifa group.

Rudy Martinez is the Texas State University student who wrote the article entitled “Your DNA Is An Abomination,” referring to the DNA of white people, reported The College Fix. In the piece, he says “ontologically speaking, white death will mean liberation for all.” But if Martinez was just referring to whiteness ontologically, that is, abstractly, why does he use “DNA” in the very title of the piece? Does he want to destroy the postmodernist concept of “whiteness” as some invisible but almighty system of oppression, or does he actually, as his title indicates, think the very DNA of whites is degenerate?

“When I think of all the white people I have ever encountered – whether they’ve been professors, peers, lovers, friends, police officers, et cetera – there is perhaps only a dozen I would consider ‘decent,’” writes Martinez.

While his left-wing professors likely try to cloak anti-white hatred with academic lingo, their students seem to lack that discretion. After backlash, the Texas State paper retracted Martinez’s article and fired the writer. The university president also called it “abhorrent” and “contrary to [the school’s] core values of inclusion and unity.” But even though the student explicitly admitted that he doesn’t like white people, he still had his defenders.

Three Texas State history professors said they were “deeply troubled” with the president’s condemnation of the article, writing that “rather than engaging in debate, the University has essentially shunned the student, when, it must be emphasized, the student attempted (however ineffectually) to challenge the forces of bigotry and racism that the President denounced at the beginning of the semester.”

The Campus Antifascist Network — which is endorsed by professors like George “White Genocide” Ciccariello who blamed the Las Vegas massacre on white entitlement and Johnny E. Williams who wrote “let them f***ing die” about white people — also published a statement saying it stands with Martinez.

But when it came to the piece’s title, the network said “the title of his column ‘Your DNA is an abomination,’ directed at people socially designed as white, is inconsistent with scientific understanding.”

“Race is not a biological category. It is a social idea. But getting science wrong and being racist are also not the same thing,” the network added. 

They’re not the same thing. But they are both applicable to the Campus Antifa Network, which thinks race is a social idea and supports an anti-white movement.

As for Texas State, from a deranged future teacher smashing pro-life signs to hiring math professors who are proficient in social justice, it doesn’t seem like 2017 has helped the notion that even the Lone Star state can withstand the divisive and violent forces of progressivism.

Here’s to a better 2018.

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