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College Student: It’s OK To Kill Little Kids

Students for Life of America captured a student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville making the case for infanticide of kids up to two years old, reported The Daily Caller News Foundation. The student compared two-year-olds to trees, suggesting that since they were not sentient, they could be murdered.

“Without communication, we have no way of knowing if you’re sentient or not,” said the student. “It’s no different than this tree. It’s alive. But is it sentient?”

“Can the two year old talk to me?” he continued. “Generally speaking, the child still has the inability to communicate.”

Besides advocating for murder while being condescending, how else does this student screw up his argument?

”Sentient” means that you’re “able to perceive or feel things.” Fetuses respond to touch while they’re still in the womb. And after birth, it requires a bit more than just basic sentience for a baby to recognize sounds and coo after three months, mimic syllables they hear after six months, and form short phrases by age two.

And then there’s the fact that sentience, in and of itself, is a really poor argument for whether or not we should murder creatures. Pigs are sentient — does that mean I’m going to do without bacon? No. I love bacon. How about we just leave the boundaries where they are — human life is unique and should be treated as such.

“The idea that someone could support infanticide is incredibly disturbing,” Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, said to The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Yet, it reflects the kinds of attitudes our staff members and students can face on a daily basis on high school and college campuses.”

“When countries such as Iceland normalize the deliberate killing of babies with Down syndrome or states like California want to normalize abortion drugs on campuses, we should not be surprised when students display a wanton disregard for human life.”

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