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UC Berkeley Defends Illegal Immigrant Student

Border Patrol agents recently arrested a University of California, Berkeley student by the name of Luis Mora. Mora is an illegal alien and one who is not eligible for Barack Obama’s DACA program, reported Campus Reform. He awaits a bond hearing next Wednesday.

Let’s take a look at some of the harsh realities. Mora is an illegal alien adult who hopes to go to law school, yet can’t be trusted to follow the law himself. He also has his university, Berkeley, acting as his own personal PR agent. School chancellor Carol Christ links to a fundraiser for Mora’s bail, which is sitting at over 12,000 out of $15,000 and makes this statement:

“The university is currently working to ensure that the student has access to legal advice, attorney services and other resources necessary to mount what we hope will be a successful effort to end this detention….We have no intention of backing down from our fundamental commitment to justice and equity.”

Equity, as we know, is Newspeak for equality of outcome. And make no mistake, Christ isn’t talking about justice as in the law. No, this is social justice, a system in which Mora infringing upon the rights of the nation by living there illegally somehow means that he is the victim, he is the poor, oppressed little angel who must be helped at the expense of others. Justice here probably means he keeps the UC Berkeley spot your kid was denied…oh, and likely a job to boot down the line.

Let’s have a look at Mora’s lawyer Prerna Lal — who self-identifies as “queer.” Lal is employed by UC Berkeley as a law school supervisor and an immigration attorney for Berkeley’s undocumented student program. Taxpayer funded university, remember folks. Here’s some of the casual racism on his/her/its/XIRS Twitter feed: When talking about a potential nuclear apocalypse, “Ha! But there will be no white people. Win!” “Lessons from Quantico: don’t trust white men!” Responding to who in her community she’d bargain away, guess who: “white people.” Saying Charlottesville isn’t surprising because “in a way, white Americans are the original Nazis.” Would this be acceptable if said about any other race?


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  • […] Prerna Lal, a Berkeley employee who also served as Mora’s lawyer, paid the illegal alien student’s $1,500 bail and maintained an aggressive Twitter campaign for Mora’s release throughout his Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention. Lal has also tweeted on various occasions about racial issues, saying “don’t trust white men,” suggesting she would bargain away whites in her community, and calling white Americans “the original Nazis,” reported Campus Unmasked. […]

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