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Feminist Scholar Ties Pelicans To ‘Racialized, Sexual Violence’

We humans have to deal with social justice every day but you would think at least animals would be safe from it, right? Not. So. Fast. It turns out pelicans are somehow related to “racialized, sexual violence,” at least according to a feminist scholar.

The University of British Columbia invited University of Washington gender studies graduate student Logan O’Laughlin to give a presentation called “Queer Toxic Ecologies: Analyses and Implications of the Pelicans of the BP Oil Spill,” reported The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Utilizing feminist discourse analysis of pelicans in post-spill popular media and historical analysis of pelicans as the state mascot of Louisiana, this presentation articulates how this bird is symbolically and materially implicated in a history of racialized, sexual violence,” said O’Laughlin.

Yes, you heard that right. Pelicans…are “implicated in a history of racialized, sexual violence.”

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