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It’s Time To Expose The Radical Left With Campus Unmasked

Take a look around at the institutions in your life. It seems like from government to Silicon Valley, from star-studded Hollywood to the media on your every device, there’s a slow but steady push for equality of outcome over equality of opportunity, a prioritization of feelings over facts, and a general humorlessness from those telling us what to think instead of how to think.

But what started this creeping cultural Marxism? What do most of the thought leaders behind these institutions have in common? If you answered university, you’ve done your homework.

The ivory tower has long been a place of left-wing bias. But the 12-to-1 left-wing to right-wing professor ratio hasn’t just spawned a lopsided curriculum. It’s instead created an intolerance for opposing points of view that manifests in lies, censorship and at its most extreme, violence. Attitudes and systems cultivated in academia have a long history of seeping into the world outside. But this intolerance seems a bit more insidious than the ingenious strides in STEM and literature of years past. Do we dare let the wound fester and spread?

Not on my watch.

It’s time to shine a light on the cowardly tactics of those who can’t win wars with words. It’s time to expose the assassins of truth who brand Israel responsible for ISIS and all frat boys as rapists. It’s time to bring justice to the Antifa hordes terrorizing those who dare commit wrongthink. It’s time. For a Campus Unmasked.

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