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One-Third Of Muslim Students Would Fight To The Death For Islam

A criminal scientist polled German Muslim students and found that nearly a third of them answered yes when asked whether they could imagine fighting for Islam and risking their lives.

So the Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony surveyed Muslim ninth-graders in Lower Saxony, Germany and discovered that not only would nearly a third of them be willing to die violently for Islam, but over a quarter of them think Sharia law is superior to German law.

And don’t think these are some westernized Muslims saying “oh, Sharia, that sounds pretty” with no idea of what it actually entails. No, a quarter of them agreed with this specific statement: “The Islamic laws of Sharia, according to which, for example, adultery or homosexuality are severely punished, are much better than the German laws.” Nearly a fifth also agreed with the statements “it is the duty of every Muslim to fight unbelievers and spread Islam around the world” and “the threat posed to Islam by the Western world justifies Muslims defending themselves with violence.”

Eight percent agreed with ISIS trying to create an Islamic state by waging war and a little under four percent blatantly endorsed terrorism to further Islam.


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