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‘Deplorable’ Prof Sues NYU

Michael Rectenwald, the professor famous for getting put on paid leave at New York University after daring to criticize leftist ideology on Twitter, is suing the university, reported The Daily Caller.

Rectenwald anonymously operated the @AntiPCNYUProf Twitter account, tweeting bits of genius like “liberalism co-opts the discourse and techniques of radicalism and turns them into devices of mass manipulation” and “identity politics has, to borrow from Nietzsche, ‘made an infirmary of the whole world,’” as well as some witticism like “she’s ‘worked like a demon’ said Bill Clinton regarding Hillary Clinton. Might that be because she IS a demon?”

After confessing himself to be the perpetrator of these heinous crimes, faculty allegedly ostracized and harassed Rectenwald, a site stripped three essays of his name, committing plagiarism by giving someone else authorship, and NYU put the professor on paid leave.

The professor is suing NYU and four colleagues for defamation. He alleges that “faculty members used official email distribution lists to defame him in May of 2017, calling him a “right-wing misogynist,” an “asshole” and “Satan” in messages sent to over 100 NYU faculty and administrators.”

Rectenwald claims that his colleagues were concerned about his mental health and coerced him into taking a leave of absence. NYU, on the other hand, says the professor voluntarily chose to take it.

“The thing that is interesting here is that they were saying that because I don’t think like them, I am sick and mentally ill,” Rectenwald said. “So you have to be crazy to not believe what they do. Now, it may be true that you have to be crazy to say it, because look what happened!”

But the professor makes an important point. We live in an era in which one side of the debate demonizes dissent — the left doesn’t just think you’re wrong. No, if you disagree with PC culture, identity politics, socialism, there’s something wrong up here with you. Or, you’re just plain evil. And take your pick: you can either be institutionalized for your wrongthink, which is where academia comes in, or you can have it beaten out of you by those who see no difference between “hate speech” and actual violence.

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