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Teacher: Soldiers Are ‘Dumbsh*ts,’ ‘Lowest Of Our Low’

Gregory Salcido, who is a high school history teacher, city councilman, and three-time mayor of Pico Rivera, California, bashed the military to his class, reported The Daily Caller.

The teacher and councilman proceeded to shame an unnamed student for wearing a military shirt.

This isn’t the first time the teacher has made headlines. In 2010, Salcido allegedly told a student “shut up, Kelly, before I kill you,” preached about gay marriage, and criticized the military and religion, reported Pasadena Star-News. El Rancho High School put him on leave for a month during the summer session. And hey, you can’t blame them; further discipline might’ve resulted in a bit less dough from the city, where Salcido was mayor at the time.

The teacher’s rant marks the latest in a slew of very compelling arguments for #CalExit. It used to be mostly Bernie and Hillary supporters that supported the state seceding from the union, but I’m willing to give it a shot. I used to worry that without the military, Kim Jong Il and the other world despots will see California as a target ripe for a few missiles, but the wise Salcido has informed us that the military is the talentless, “lowest of our low,” so I’m sure the state will be just fine.

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