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College: Call 911 Over ‘Offensive Flyers’

A gruesome murder, a drunk driving accident, and “offensive flyers.” What should you do if you witness any of these at the University of Virginia? Call 911, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation. That’s right — call the police if you see an offensive flyer.

Patrick D. Hogan, executive vice president at the University of Virginia, recently sent an email to students and faculty saying the school “is aware of reports of solicitations by national organizations to encourage distribution of offensive flyers and memes at colleges and universities across the country during the upcoming weekend. The reports indicate that the organizations are specifically interested in buildings and centers for under-represented groups, particularly Women’s Studies.”

Right because women, who make up 54% of the student population at UVA and 56% across the United States, are definitely underrepresented. Hogan then tells students and faculty, “if you witness individuals engaged in suspicious activity, including posting offensive flyers or other material in violation of the University’s Policy on Exterior Posting and Chalking, please call 911.”

Rewind to January 16. A user on Voat — the free speech, uncucked version of Reddit — mischievously appropriated pro-choice language to create a campaign called My Borders My Choice, encouraging people to hang immigration=-themed flyers with the slogan and “No means no!” on campuses, promising bonus points for students who managed to place them in social justice-related areas.

But when I reached out to the university to confirm whether #MyBordersMyChoice was in fact the “offensive flyer” in question, as well as how it could be construed as offensive, whether any flyers were spotted, and what actions were taken if so, a representative said “no, those are not the flyers. The University has no additional comment. Thank you.” Well, you’re not welcome, Mr. de Bruyn, because that’s not much of an answer and when I reached out just to ask which flyer it actually was, UVA was mysteriously silent. So what do you think? Is the university stonewalling me from reporting that they told students to call the cops over a hilarious meme?

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