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Students at San Francisco State University shouted down Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat. Rated the #10-worst school for Jewish students by The Algemeiner, San Francisco State also partnered with a Palestinian college that supports jihad and banned a Jewish Hillel group from taking part in a school fair.

Two of the students from that group are suing the university for what they call “a long and documented history of institutionalized anti-Semitism,” reported The Algemeiner. The lawsuit alleges SFSU Jewish students face “displays and events on campus that equate them with Nazis and baby murderers; deprivations of their rights to speak, listen, and assemble; threats, harassment, intimidation, and bullying.”

The two plaintiffs, Jewish students Charles Volk and Liam Kern, describe a February 2017 situation in which university administrators and student officials allegedly banned them and their group from a social justice fair that was ironically about the oppression of minorities.

SFSU president Les Wong issued a statement condemning both anti-Semitism AND Islamophobia — it’s not clear where that second one came from — and said the school would investigate Hillel’s exclusion from the event, an investigation which ultimately showed the Jewish students HAD been unfairly excluded from the event.

In case you couldn’t tell by its name, San Francisco State University isn’t exactly a stranger to left-wing lunacy. This is the same school at which students refused to eat until the university gave $8 million to its College of Ethnic Studies — oh no! Who will eat the soy shakes and vegan chocolate chip cookies — and the same place a black student accosted a white student who dared to wear dreadlocks.

After the Jewish student group got banned from the social justice event, San Francisco State University announced it’s creating a task force on campus climate and hiring an assistant vice president for equity and community inclusion. Because if there’s one thing the school definitely needs, it’s more social justice initiatives that need to find bigotry in anything and everything to justify the hundreds of thousands in student and taxpayer dollars they guzzle up.

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