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Pro-Antifa Prof Can’t Even Define Fascism

Dartmouth professor Mark Bray –who donated half of his book sales to Antifa — can’t even define the fascism his black-clad pets are fighting, according to a Truth Out interview.

The irony in academia doesn’t get much richer than Bray, who is a historian of human rights and terrorism and supports Antifa. Is that enough hypocrisy for you? No? Well, Bray confessed that “fascism” — you know, the thing that makes the difference nowadays between you being able to speak unhindered and you getting punched in the face by an edgy anarchist manchild — fascism apparently doesn’t have a hard definition.

“Defining fascism is notoriously difficult because fascists have adopted and discarded ideas and positions more readily than perhaps any other political tendency. Fascism rejects rationality and ideological consistency,” said Bray to Truth Out. “It might make more sense to talk about spectrums of the fascistic.”

I hesitate to confine [fascism] to an abstract, analytical definition,” continued Bray. “’Definable,’ Nietzsche argued, ‘is only that which has no history.’ While I may not go that far, I agree with the historian Angelo Tasca that ‘to understand Fascism we must write its history.’” Well, we all know how postmodernists define “history.” They use feminist author Grace Lee Boggs’ definition: “History is not the past. It is the stories we tell about the past,” morphing history from fact into fabrication, something you can spin to fit your narrative.

Fascism’s lack of a hard definition allows Antifa to apply the word to anything and everything they deem problematic; once a target has been branded, it’s ready to be punched, pepper sprayed, perhaps smacked with a bike lock.

Does Bray see what he’s doing? The historian Bray seems to forget one lesson from history: when people can’t use words, they use weapons.


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