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Students Rally For Illegal Alien Who Assaulted Female Student

Deporting a 19-year-old illegal alien student? That’s a joke. But protesting when ICE detains that student…even after the illegal alien assaulted another student? Well, that’s downright woke and that’s exactly what students from Stephen F. Austin High School in Texas were doing Wednesday, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

ICE placed Dennis Rivera-Sarmiento on an order of supervision in 2013 and the guy was supposed to leave America during or before March 2015. I’m sure he just happened to forget…for three years. Some students and the immigrant youth group United We Dream — which has collected nearly 10,000 signatures for Rivera-Sarmiento’s release — allege that the guy’s assault charge stems from self-defense at the hands of bullies.

They say “19-year-old Dennis was detained after bullies made fun of him for being undocumented, going so far as to throw bottles at him.” Ok so throwing bottles is unacceptable, of course, but “for being undocumented” is a very odd phrase here. You’d typically expect “for being Hispanic” or “for being gay.” Call me crazy, but I don’t think we should normalize the notion that it’s bad to make fun of someone committing a crime.

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