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Pro-Palestine Student Says He’ll Throw Rocks At Jews

University of Houston student Tarek Abdoh is really excited to throw rocks at Jews, according to Canary Mission. University of Memphis student Nadeen Elayan is also really keen on committing assault, saying “I wanna throw rocks and shoes at the Jews.” And this isn’t some hollow, figurative reference like “go jump off a cliff.” Palestinians throwing stones at Israelis is extremely common and often results in injuries or even deaths. A situation like the one you just saw resulted in the smashing of a 5-month-old baby’s skull. And these aren’t just tiny pebbles, either. A Palestinian activist murdered an Israeli soldier by chucking a cement block at him.

Now, some pro-Palestine students are less specific in how they plan to hurt Jews. Milwaukee Area Technical College student Belal Abuasi simply tweets “Ima kill a Jew in a month.” He’s also a fan of the terrorist group Hamas, answering the question “do you support Hamas?” with “I support resistance so yes.” He also falsely claimed “Hamas refused to kill Israeli civilians.” In fact, Hamas has launched numerous suicide attacks and rocket strikes on Israeli civilians.

Next up we have Dima Jubara, a Valencia College Muslim student who has an uncanny passion for saying “God will kill the Jews.” July 2015, she informs the public “God will kill the Jews.” October 2016, she says “if I had a dollar for every time I’ve said God will kill the Jews.” November 2016, she opened up a bit about her personal life, saying “in this house we pray that God will kill the Jews.” And don’t think this hatred is confined to Jews. Pro-Palestinian students also seem to loathe whites, as evidenced by Jubara’s tweet right here. Students for Justice in Palestine activist Sabrina Ghaus of Tufts University tweeted “today i purposely tripped a white lady who literally could not see me because as a brown woman i don’t exist and am not human.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the tolerant left. Donald Trump’s usage of a six-pointed star when showing Hillary’s corruption becomes evidence of his rampant anti-Semitism to progressives, but utter silence from the left when their pet victims actually say they hate Jewish people and incite violence against them.

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