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Antifa Students: Throw Bricks At Cops

“Bricks belong best thrown at pig heads!” said an Antifa student group at the University of Texas at Austin, reported The Daily Caller News Foundation. This same group also hosts weekly “self-defense” classes.

The Revolutionary Student Front is a UT Austin Antifa group that describes itself as an “organization for revolutionary anti-capitalist students in Austin, Texas.” The group announced “we’re starting back up our weekly self-defense classes this weekend,” including “elements of physical fitness, individual self-defense, anti-fascist/demonstration defense, and women’s self-defense.”

Defense, defense, defense…right above a picture with soldiers bearing the same sickle-hammer that represents the deaths of 20 million civilians. Hmmm…I can’t help but think Antifa, the same group that views “hate speech” as assault, also has a different definition of “self-defense,” particularly when that same group, the Revolutionary Student Front, also tweeted “bricks best belong thrown at pig heads!”

In fact, Texas, which, for many Americans, stands defiant as a beacon of free speech, gun rights, etc. seems to be experiencing an Antifa infestation. Last month, I reported on UT Austin’s Autonomous Student Network, which suggested Law Enforcement Appreciation Day be renamed Law Enforcement Incineration Day, supports doxxing, and thinks it’s woke to assassinate the president.

And make no mistake — these angsty, wannabe revolutionaries aren’t just pro-violence and anti-capitalist. They’re for tearing down America and attribute anything that doesn’t feed their upper-middle class entitlement to the mythical, ubiquitous SYSTEM that must be destroyed by any means necessary. But what will replace evil, money-grubbing America? Other than vague descriptions of anarchist utopias with diversity and equality for all, these crybullies don’t have a clue.

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