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Student Gov Smacks Down Anti-Israel And Anti-ICE Petition

Pro-Palestinian students at a Massachusetts university keep trying to force the university to divest from companies supporting Israel and they keep failing, according to The Algemeiner. This latest attempt also targeted US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Northeastern University’s student government voted 47 to 7 against holding a referendum to boycott Hewlett-Packard. It’s the third time in nearly as many years that such a petition has failed. But why would they have such a referendum? Well, the school’s Students for Justice in Palestine chapter says HP “provides technology that plays a central role in the Israeli occupation of Palestine, which is illegal according to the UN, as well as the mass deportation of immigrants from the US by [ICE].

First of all, the UN declaring something illegal is like me telling you you can only browse YouTube for My Little Pony videos — we’d both love to do that but neither of us have the legal authority to do so. And “the mass deportation of immigrants?” Well, what would the left be without a bit of lying by omission? It used to be illegal immigrants, then it was undocumented, now I guess the criminals are just like any ordinary immigrants.

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