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Antifa Recruits Students With Mental Illnesses

Last week I reported on a University of Texas at Austin Antifa group that hosts “self-defense” courses but has also said “bricks belong best thrown at pig heads!” Well, the commie craziness is even worse than I thought: it turns out this group has targeted students with mental illnesses for recruitment.

The Revolutionary Student Front is an Antifa student group at UT Austin that doesn’t seem to catch the irony in displaying liberating messages like “it is right to rebel!” and “all power to the people!” while wearing the garb of oppressors like terrorists and burglars. But they’re not just dunces playing dress-up — you see, the group admits to manipulating mentally handicapped individuals, according to their 13,000-word manifesto found by watchdog site Far Left Watch.

These Antifa kids spit on what they call “bourgeois mental health” and instead ran a Revolutionary Mental Health Program for six months in 2017 “to address the mental health needs of students in a way that would primarily serve to politicize and strengthen them, to become more committed to revolution and more capable of carrying it out.”

It’s madness…and just plain cruel; they’ve likely targeted people who need proper healthcare. But it all makes a perverted kind of sense if you understand leftism. Hammer and sickle sickos prey upon people with underdeveloped brains in our schools; why should we be shocked when they also target minds weakened by actual impediments? The UT Austin Antifa group says they read “Turn Illness into a Weapon,” a work about a German neo-Marxist group which framed capitalist oppression as the cause of mental illness.

Remember, this is a group interested in indoctrination with the goal of violence. These UT Austin students openly admit they believe that “the primary method of combating the symptoms of mental illness that we face under capitalism must be organizing those suffering to come into violent class conflict with the system that creates their illness.”

What do these maniacs think? That the capitalist dollar bill contains some wicked, autism-inducing black magic? That their tired Marxist mantra is something new and edgy and HASN’T failed in epic proportions all around the world? It’s all fun and games when it happens in the horror flicks, but we must not let the lunatics take over this asylum.

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