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Profs Threaten To Tear Down Confederate Statue

Back in August, hundreds of students at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill protested a Confederate statue on campus. Now, 17 UNC senior faculty members are threatening to tear the statue down if the school doesn’t take it down before Thursday, according to The Daily Tar Heel.

The professors say UNC Chancellor Carol Folt’s “continuing inaction on the issue had placed in jeopardy the personal safety of students, faculty.” Listen, I know you don’t have a good understanding of how reality works, progressives, but the statue of Silent Sam isn’t going to hop off its pedestal and start unloading on people. Or maybe their safety is at risk if they try tearing it down and, in their compassionate, tolerant, moblike mentality, the statue happens to flatten one of their skulls.

Honestly, this is like a terrorist saying his safety is at risk. Yeah. That’s because you’re trying to break the law. The professors say “we believe the Confederate monument (Silent Sam) must be immediately moved to an appropriate setting that contextualizes and teaches the history of white supremacy, rather than glorifies it.”

And here we have the facile old argument that monuments celebrate or romanticize history. Well, guess what? Not everyone thinks that. A September 2017 survey showed that 57 percent of Americans think Confederate statues should stay up. Some see statues as simply displaying history, not making judgments on it. Some see them as beautiful bits of architecture. Still others simply see them as the things their dog pees on in the park. But then again there’s always a small, shrill minority who think inanimate objects are capable of racial prejudice and are willing to shove, shout, anything but actually talk and listen.


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