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Twitter Bans Antifa Student Group

The Revolutionary Student Front is an Antifa student group at the University of Texas at Austin that thinks “bricks belong best thrown at pig heads” and yet also hosts “self-defense” classes. The group boasted a little over 2,000 Twitter followers until getting suspended, apparently for no reason, and with no notice when or if the account will be restored, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation

But Twitter likely didn’t ban the Revolutionary Student Front for “hate speech.” The group explicitly incited violence by saying bricks should be thrown at cops. Here at Campus Unmasked, we absolutely loathe tooting our own horn, but RSF’s ban came only a day or so after my report for Campus Unmasked and The Daily Caller News Foundation on the Antifa students’ Revolutionary Mental Health Program.

The group was attributing mental illness to capitalist oppression and targeting students with mental illnesses for recruitment, saying “the primary method of combating the symptoms of mental illness that we face under capitalism must be organizing those suffering to come into violent class conflict with the system that creates their illness.”

What’s really funny is that I reached out to UT Austin for comment on that story and got no reply. Perhaps they thought the story would just fizzle out. But two days later…you know, AFTER tens if not hundreds of thousands had read the story, the school disavowed the group, saying it’s not an official campus organization.

“We have no record that the Revolutionary Student Front – which again, is not affiliated with the university – staged a self-defense class on our campus,” UT Austin spokesman Mr. J.B. Bird told me. “It’s also worth noting that organizations affiliated with the university must comply with our institutional rules. Threatened or actual violent conduct against a person is against university rules and counter to the university’s values.”


Back to Twitter. Props to Jack Dorsey and his social justice crew for finally taking action against an account that’s NOT right-wing, but don’t think this means their war against nonleftists is up. Just this week, the company temporarily suspended Canary Mission, a watchdog group which tracks hatred towards and incitement to violence against Jews, for “hateful conduct.” The doublethink is real. As for the Antifa kids, I see you reading my messages and not replying. You ain’t so sneaky and let’s be honest, you’ve got nothing to say.

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