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White Student Called ‘Mayonnaise Monster’

Wake Forest University student Ryan Wolfe dared to participate in a conservative panel at his school, reported The Wake Forest Review. And for that heinous crime, fellow students Julius Goble and Char Van Schenck took the opportunity to photoshop parts of his face on crackers. Junior Brianna Reddick took it a step further, informing Wolfe that he was a “mayonnaise monster-looking ass” and literally delivering “the saltiest Republican a box of saltine crackers” at the actual panel.

Now, Wolfe wasn’t triggered by these food comparisons. No, rather he said “I support the free speech rights of students. But in this case, I wanted to see if the school would enforce their rules surrounding verbal and abuse equally regardless of who was involved in the case. I knew that similar rhetoric about the identity of other groups would not be tolerated.”

But the North Carolina school’s bias response team declined to let Wolfe press charges against the students, with Dean of students Adam Goldstein saying it would only “make things worse” for Wolfe. Goldstein instead sent the offending students to an LGBTQ seminar. Here’s what the school finally had to say:

“Federal privacy laws prevent us from sharing information maintained in student records, including administrators’ interactions with students. We can say that the narrative oversimplifies a complex situation that took place 16 months ago in the heat of a polarizing national election.”

Seems like when it comes to TRUE racial equality, Wake Forest could get a bit more woke.

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