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American Flag Ripped Down By Student Gun Control Protesters

Students from thousands of schools across the U.S. commemorated the one-month anniversary of the Parkland massacre by walking out of class for 17 minutes, one for each of the victims. Empower, a youth wing of the Women’s March, coordinated the protests, according to The Washington Post. But it wasn’t all just signs and stale slogans…Antioch High School students, for instance, ripped down an American flag and reportedly trashed a police car, as well, reported The Goldwater.

That wasn’t the only expression of compassion through violence. California students at Mount Diablo High School apparently felt it necessary to break through this locked gate to protest gun control, reported NBC Bay Area. Of course, Antifa chapters in states like Florida and Tennessee, as well as on the national level, approved of such tactics.

But while many walked OUT of school on Wednesday, one teacher couldn’t even walk IN. California’s Rocklin High School placed history teacher Julianne Benzel on leave after she asked her students whether the school would also tolerate a pro-life walk-out, reported CBS 13.

Benzel didn’t discourage students from walking out to support gun control, but thought that there was a double standard when it came to other causes.

Now obviously what happened in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last month was tragic. But do you really think THESE messages are going to fix anything:

The Cavalier Daily reported University of Virginia students carrying signs saying “Gun Control Now #Enough” and “Kids greater than guns.” What does that even mean? Like who are you arguing against with that — is there anyone out there saying guns are more important than kids? Another sign said “arm teachers with $$$! Not guns!” because apparently pocketbooks lined with a lot of dollar bills will stop bullets.

CNN reported that after the 17-minute walk-out, some students continued rallying instead of actually, you know, going back to class where they could maybe explore public policy a little beyond this #Enough that LA students spelled out by lying on a football field. But who are we kidding — the curriculum is probably just as partisan and facile.

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