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University of California at Santa Barbara

California Students Promote Palestinian Terrorism



This is Leila Khaled. A member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which the US classifies as a terrorist group, Khaled was the first woman to hijack a plane and she also just happens to have some fans at the University of California, Santa Barbara, whose Students for Justice in Palestine chapter published a photo of Khaled with the caption “Solidarity is the weapon and armed resistance is the catalyst. Support all women taking arms against imperialism,” reported The Algemeiner. Armed resistance…sounds a lot like Antifa, right? And just like Antifa, they’re not too prepared to actually defend their convictions with logic and reason. Santa Barbara SJP deleted the picture of Khaled and other armed women.

Now, I think I’ve already made the case that these guys are wack, but let’s have a look at their Facebook page just to see how pro-Palestinian students are by no means immune to the cancer known as intersectionality. This virus has caused them to advocate for the abolition of all prisons and the destruction of capitalism. It’s even impaired these poor kids’ ability to spell words like “human” and “woman”…I’m pretty sure“x”s and “y”s don’t belong there.

Oh and speaking of prisons, SJP Santa Barbara also wants Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi to be freed. You remember Tamimi, the teenager detained after slapping, punching and kicking Israeli soldiers on multiple occasions. Well, these students believe she’s a “political prisoner,” a term used by many who attempt to whitewash crimes prisoners have committed by just saying “oh, he was just arrested because the government decided he had the wrong politics.” No, I’m sorry, but assault is not a political opinion. There are other ways to protest.

In general, remember that when you sign up for a pro-Palestinian group, you’re not picking from some kind of a la carte menu. You’re not only signing up to support people who have refused every chance at compromise with a two-state solution, you’re also often throwing in your lot with a group that has ideological and even financial ties to terrorism, uses made-up words with “x”s and “y”s, hates the police, thinks the American flag is a symbol of white supremacy, but is completely fine with the sickle and hammer.


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