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Jefferson Statue Vandalized On His Birthday

Students at the University of Virginia woke up to find a statue of their school’s founder, Thomas Jefferson, vandalized with the words “racist” and “rapist” on April 13th, the Founding Father’s birthday, reported NBC29. Because in the current year 2018, this is how progressives express gratitude for the man who built the framework for the society that gives them so much freedom. Now, let’s put aside for the moment the fact that this is illegal and if tolerated will eventually lead to anarchy — the left doesn’t really care about the law and thinks only in the short-term like a chubby kid who wants double dessert.

But ALSO like infants, these activists don’t understand this little thing called “context.” Jefferson’s views and actions weren’t out of the ordinary for his time period and he in fact took steps to stop the spread of slavery, believing in a gradual liberation. But don’t tell that to Charlottesville activists, who made the Jefferson statue the site of another white supremacy protest last year.

Charlottesville covered its Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson statues last year after the “Unite the Right” rally, but that wasn’t good enough for insatiable crybullies, who also decided to cover the JEFFERSON statue and put up a sign saying “Black Lives Matter. Fuck White Supremacy.”

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